Archiving and Disposal Strategy Development

We assess your archiving and disposal processes, procedures and storage needs to measure the suitability of your existing solution for meeting your legislative and business compliance requirements.

The strategy will include a situational analysis, detailed recommendations including the effort, time and cost required to resolve any deficiencies, and an indication of the savings that can be made by implementing the recommendations.

Information and Records Management System Health Check

Our Information and Records Management System Health Check examines the software configuration and installation of Micro Focus’ Content Manager within your business environment.  Our analysis will measure the suitability of your existing solution for meeting the requirements of the business, including its ease of use and the degree to which it is being used across the organisation.

The Health Check report will include an overview of each functional component, an assessment of the configured components, detailed recommendations, effort required to resolve any deficiencies and an estimated cost for undertaking the work.

Information Management Strategy Development

We evaluate your existing systems within your organisation in order to ascertain key information channels.  We make recommendations that encompass your entire information management solution to enable greater efficiency in information exchange within your business and from your business to your customers.

Legislation Compliance Assessment

We assess your records management practices and systems and measure your compliance against Australian and international recordkeeping standards AS ISO 15489 and relevant local or state record office standards.

Records Management Strategy Development

We provide high-level guidance and detailed recommendations for the capture, control, storage, access and disposal of your organisation’s records in accordance with your legislative and business compliance requirements.

Further Information

Our process for the provision of these solutions involves a range of tasks that challenge your business practices and engage your staff.  Processes can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. In addition to the solutions outlined above, FYB provides bespoke solutions to meet the Information Governance needs of businesses and government organisations. For further information on how FYB can provide solutions to meet your business objectives, please contact us.

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