EDRMS2Intranet - Connector Box

The FYB CM2Intranet connector automates the display of documents from Micro Focus’ Content Manager to your website, whilst maintaining security of the documents at all times.

You may also be interested in:

  • Quick and easy method for the publication of documents stored in Content Manager
  • Automatically links to the latest version of the document when changes (edits) are made in Content Manager
  • Ability to display records from containers or alternative containers
  • Ability to display records from saved searches or any user defined search criteria
  • Only returns records the audience is allowed to access
  • All results dynamically update
  • Works on any website platform supporting iFrames such as SharePoint, WordPress, Confluence, Google Sites and Papyrs
  • Apply your custom style sheets for a visually pleasing experience

Using the FYB CM2Intranet connector will provide the following benefits:

  • Simplifies the way in which documents can be displayed on your website, increasing the speed with which you can publish and share information with your internal and external customers
  • The audience will always be accessing the most up to date version of the document stored in Content Manager, reducing administrative overheads and duplication of documents being stored in multiple places
  • Maintains security settings from Content Manager, ensuring information is only viewed by an audience authorised to, thereby meeting security classification and access requirements, and reducing the risk of inappropriate access to sensitive information
  • Content Manager 9.x
  • Intranet or website that supports iFrames
  • Annual subscription based on your Content Manager License Count