CM2Unity - Connector Box

Enables organisations to display documentation from Micro Focus’ Content Manager in Unity.

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Display Documentation on Unity

Users are able to display documentation from Micro Focus’ Content Manager by simply ticking on a ‘Display on Unity’ button.

Control the Documentation that is Displayed

Administrators can determine what containers have their contents displayed and can also elect to display all contents or only specific documents.

Multiple containers can also be displayed within the same page on Unity.

Download Latest Version of the Document

Users will always be downloading the latest version of the document meaning changes in Micro Focus’ Content Manager are reflected in the document downloaded from Unity.

  • Users are not required to manually upload Micro Focus’ Content Manager documents into Unity therefore saving time through increased efficiency in the publishing process.

  • The ability to control and delegate permissions around the publishing process to ensure your organisation is maintaining proper governance over information.

  • As you are not duplicating records you are saving on storage while again ensuring the consumers of the documents are always downloading the latest version.

  • Micro Focus’ Content Manager 9.x or Records Manager 8.x
  • Connector purchased on an annual subscription basis.
  • Connector is a set fee per site.