FYB Connector Box

The FYB Connector Box is a set of customised FYB Connectors which provides you with the ability to integrate your existing corporate applications with Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

Enables organisations to transfer generated documentation and metadata from Intelledox Infiniti directly into Micro Focus’ Content Manager. Read more

Enables organisations to display documentation from Micro Focus’ Content Manager in Unity. Read more

Allows the display of content from Micro Focus’ Content Manager within any site that supports iFrames. Read more

Enables organisations to display and maintain Micro Focus’ Content Manager documents in Teamwork Projects through an intuitive interface. Read more

Ungerboeck2CM enables organisations to capture event information including accounts, contacts and electronic documentation into Micro Focus’ Content Manager from Ungerboeck. Read more

The FYB oMail2CM connector enables any piece of mail (physical or electronic) that has been processed through the oMail solution to be automatically imported into Micro Focus’ Content Manager, an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS). Read more

FYB Connector Box - Plug

Do you have another piece of software that your organisation uses and need it to be connected to Micro Focus’ Content Manager?

Please contact our Integrations and Development team here to discuss developing your Connector.

FYB Connector Box - Plug