dark data

East Gippsland Water has been a HPE Content Manager user since 2009, helping them store and protect important records for almost 10 years. Over time it became apparent that quite a lot of data had been stored across several different spreadsheets, databases and became buried within email conversations.

It wasn’t until 2011 when East Gippsland Water became an FYB Member, that they began to seek a solution to identify and analyse this dark data, to determine how it should be dealt with.

The Solution to Dark Data

After gathering all the necessary requirements, FYB recommended HPE ControlPoint, a powerful solution that can analyse over 1000 different content formats. It enabled East Gippsland Water to streamline their processes of identifying dark data, and ultimately, protected this information. The implementation of HPE ControlPoint meant that they no longer had to track their information manually, it became automatic within HPE Content Manager.

HPE have released a case study documenting the journey of East Gippsland Water and their implementation of HPE Control Point, cutting their data footprint by 30%.