Enables users to easily upload multiple documents into Micro Focus’ Content Manager through an intuitive web interface.

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The FYB DocUMove for Micro Focus’ Content Manager provides users with an intuitive and easy to use web interface allowing them to upload multiple documents into Micro Focus’ Content Manager at any time. This Tool will allow your users to easily and quickly remove documents from network drives, hard drives, USB sticks or other locations as needed.

The FYB DocUMove provides the following features:

  • Ability to choose the record type that the batch of documents being uploaded will be saved as.
  • Ability to complete all mandatory fields once and have these apply automatically to all the documents being uploaded in that batch.
  • Ability to add tags (notes) to the batch of documents thus providing an avenue to describe the reason for the transfer to Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

Do all this whilst maintaining your Micro Focus’ Content Manager security and recordkeeping compliance requirements.

  • Easy to use web interface that requires little if no training.

  • Get more of your records into Micro Focus’ Content Manager more quickly.

  • Assists with the transition to move from siloed repositories such as network drives into a central repository.

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  • Micro Focus’ Content Manager 9.x or Records Manager 8.x.
  • Access to the FYB DocUMove requires the user to have a valid Micro Focus’ Content Manager License.
  • The FYB DocUMove will support the same Operating Systems, IIS Servers and Browsers as your current version of Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

External Access to the FYB DocUMove is not part of the deployment by FYB however the FYB DocUMove can be exposed by your organisation as required.

  • This Tool is provided free to FYB Platinum and Gold Members.
  • Ongoing maintenance for this Tool is provided free to FYB Platinum and Gold Members.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you decide not to renew your FYB Membership, it will mean that this Tool will cease working on the expiry date of your membership. This Tool will no longer be available to be used, accessed or re-enabled without a current FYB Membership.

FYB DocUMove would benefit any organisation that needs to upload multiple documents to Micro Focus’ Content Manager.  It’s easy to use. It even remembers your previous drive location and tags so you can quickly pick up where you left off