EDRMS2Intranet - Connector Box

Allows the display of content from Micro Focus’ Content Manager within any site that supports iFrames.

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  • Allows the display and download of electronic information from Micro Focus’ Content Manager to your intranet in a user friendly format.
  • Easily able to define what information is shown on your intranet by any string based search (such as from specific folders or a saved search).
  • Maintains full security from Micro Focus’ Content Manager so users can only see the information they are permitted to see.
  • Can be used on any platform using iFrame, such as SharePoint, WordPress, Confluence, Google Sites and Papyrs.
  • Provides a dynamic display of information, ensuring the most up to date information from Micro Focus’ Content Manager is displayed, reducing administrative overhead.
  • There is no reliance on your intranet security as the Micro Focus’ Content Manager access controls and security is maintained meaning you are not accidentally exposing information to users who should not have access.
  • Ease with which information can be share internally and externally.
  • EDRMS Systems such as Micro Focus’ Content Manager 9.x.
  • Intranet that support iFrames such as SharePoint.
  • Connector purchased on an annual subscription basis.
  • Connector is a set fee per site.