Intelledox Infiniti - The FYB Smart Web Forms Solution
Intelledox Infiniti - The FYB Smart Web Forms Solution - Wannon Water

Wannon Water is Victoria’s second largest regional urban water corporation. It provides water and sewerage services to 82,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

For Wannon Water the capture of information through paper based forms required manual administration. It was prone to error and was unable to be statistically analysed. Through FYB and their own research, they were introduced to Intelledox Infiniti and realised that it was the a perfect match for their electronic forms needs.


Benefits of implementing the FYB Smart Web Forms Solution

Using Intelledox Infiniti has now made their processes are faster, more reliable and the results are more accurate. Their ability to amend forms and roll out new forms as the business requires, has also improved.