Business Classification Scheme Development

We recognise the importance to the business of having efficient access to information.  Our approach to business classification scheme development recognises that adoption is paramount to success as they are an essential tool for understanding the relationship between the organisations business and its records.

We work with the business to assess your unique needs in order to develop business classification schemes that reduce duplication, streamline workflows, increase information sharing, provide consistency in information classification and improve efficiencies in information retrieval.

Retention and Disposal Schedule / Authority Development

A records Retention and Disposal Schedule / Authority protects the interests of the business and its stakeholders by ensuring that its records meet operational needs, comply with legal requirements and are retained or disposed of securely.  This valuable recordkeeping tool can provide businesses with significant cost savings by reducing electronic and physical storage requirements.

We conduct a full business requirements analysis including process mapping, legislative research and consultation across your organisation to ensure the Retention and Disposal Schedule / Authority meets your unique needs.

Further Information

Our process for the provision of these solutions involves a range of tasks that challenge your business practices and engage your staff.  Processes can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

In addition to the solutions outlined above, FYB provides bespoke solutions to meet the Information Governance needs of businesses and government organisations. For further information on how FYB can provide solutions to meet your business objectives, please contact us.

“Many thanks to you and FYB staff for delivering a successful Upgrade Project”