Micro Focus’ Content Manager: Providing Enterprise Document and Records Management


Successfully delivering on business objectives in today’s dynamic and global environment requires you to be able to unlock the value of information by making it accessible across the organisation. The ability to make this happen has become harder, as increasing volumes of information and diverse formats make it more difficult to navigate and understand your information.

In addition, there is added pressure to manage information in line with growing numbers of regulatory requirements. Addressing these challenges, Micro Focus’ Content Manager delivers next-generation, scalable, electronic document, records and information management for organisations of all sizes. Micro Focus’ Content Manager is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box software solution that enables you to effectively manage documents and records, email, web content, images, video, and workflows—and provides document-centric collaboration capabilities.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager is a highly configurable and easy to implement commercial off the shelf solution. It supports automated policy application providing records management rigor to your business records, physical and electronic, regardless of source and allows organisations to meet governance and regulatory compliance obligations. Micro Focus’ Content Manager reduces the operational, financial and legal risks of legal discovery, litigation and audit and enables you to remain compliant with organisational and regulatory mandates. Integrated with Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft SharePoint, Micro Focus’ Content Manager enables organisations to proactively capture, classify and manage evidence of their decision making and business activities in an enterprise scalable records management system.


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The Micro Focus’ Content Manager solution offers the following key customer benefits:

Proven Enterprise Records Management

  • Manages all physical and electronic content, regardless of source from creation to disposal
  • Secures your business records for improved business management and information discovery
  • Provides easy access to information improving productivity and process efficiency
  • Demonstrates the best value for money and lowest implementation risk

Meet Compliance Obligations and be E-Discovery Prepared

  • Records management fundamentals support the ability to meet regulatory obligations
  • The cost of responding to litigation by being e-discovery prepared is significantly reduced
  • Automatic application of retention policies reduces financial risk and cost of e-discovery
  • One secure authoritative system for all content that protects your business and reduces costs

Enhanced Business Process Management

  • Streamlined document and record centric business processes supports better business efficiency
  • One authoritative source for corporate records minimises costly errors and decisions
  • Enhanced operational efficiency is achieved through more informed and timely decisions
  • Securing all content in one authoritative system enhances transparency and governance

Micro Focus’ Content Manager Web Client: Enabling Information Mobility

Included as part of the base module, the Micro Focus’ Content Manager Web Client is a zero footprint browser interface developed for ease of use. The Web Client is designed to be consistent with the look and feel of the Micro Focus’ Content Manager rich client and enables your workforce to be mobile providing access to information when and where they need it.

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Micro Focus’ Content Manager: Integration with SharePoint

Included as part of the base module, the Micro Focus’ Content Manager for Microsoft SharePoint provides records management rigor to all Microsoft SharePoint content including web 2.0 and seamlessly manages it according to business rules established at an administrative level. This enables the compliance and governance requirements you have for your enterprise content to be applied to Microsoft SharePoint content.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager can manage, finalise, relocate and archive Microsoft SharePoint content including blogs, wikis, discussions, documents, and sites, according to established business rules. This process is transparent to the user and all managed content is easily discoverable from Microsoft SharePoint and Micro Focus’ Content Manager. Organisations can confidently build new business applications on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and seamlessly manage the content from these applications in Micro Focus’ Content Manager according to their records management policies.



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The Micro Focus’ Content Manager integration with SharePoint enables you to:

  • Open documents for editing directly from your browser securely, while maintaining version control
  • Share information easily among virtual team members across your enterprise
  • Leverage your existing IT architecture with seamless integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and other industry standard authoring tools
  • Control who can access documents and records with rigorously enforced security structures

Other Modules

Micro Focus’ Content Manager has a number of modules to enable you to establish a robust information governance platform, including;

Micro Focus’ Content Manager Rendering Module – Available as an additional module to the base module, the Rendering Module is able to create long-term portable document format (PDF) renditions of your printable content as a server-side process and store them with their original records. This enables your records to be available for as long as your retention schedules dictate, even when authoring software applications become obsolete.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager Space Management Module – Available as an additional module to the base module, the Space Management module enables you to manage paper and other physical records in a long-term storage facility. You can define a storage hierarchy model that represents your physical storage space and set up different physical storage bays and shelving layouts in your model, improving the location, retrieval and management of your physical records.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager VERS Module – Available as an additional module to the base module, the VERS module enables you to comply with the VERS framework of standards which specifies a standard format for electronic records. It ensures that all records are stored in the legislated format, to enable viewing of records in the future, regardless of the system that created them. Micro Focus’ Content Manager software is compliant with all specifications of the VERS standard and as such renders documents in VERS format.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager WebDrawer – Included as part of the base module it provides Web Access to data and documents in Micro Focus’ Content Manager through an ISAPI extension for IIS. It is used for read only access to Micro Focus’ Content Manager from a web browser.

Micro Focus’ Content Manager Workflow – Available as part of the base module, the Workflow Module is a comprehensive workflow engine that is embedded in the Micro Focus’ Content Manager software system. It allows you to relate workflows to documents and records so that the right people have immediate access to the information they need. The workflow module includes, a graphical workflow editor, template based workflow creation, sequential and parallel routing, decision branching, escalation, activity suspension and authorisation of complex processes.

With the Workflow module you can:

  • Improve productivity with established workflows based on your unique business processes
  • Implement ad hoc and complex workflows easily by working from simple, graphical templates
  • Increase business productivity by automating the flow of information and documents
  • Protect information with security enforced over workflows, records, audit trails, and reports

Micro Focus’ ControlPoint: Gain Control over your legacy data

Most organisations today store data in a number of business systems and information repositories. This practice has taken hold over the past two decades with the rapid advancements in information-generating technology. But as the volume of data continues to increase, organisations are facing significant business risk and loss of efficiency because they cannot effectively control the information contained in these siloed repositories—and sometimes are not fully aware of what information they have.

Micro Focus’ ControlPoint is a centralised information governance console that allows organisations to manage all repositories and data sources within an organisation. Micro Focus’ ControlPoint is tightly integrated with Micro Focus’ Content Manager to provide legacy data clean up and governance automation. This helps you reduce your information footprint and storage costs through the reduction of redundant, obsolete, and trivial data. Legacy data clean up may be undertaken as a standalone project to solve a specific business need or provide part of an ongoing process that feeds into your organisation’s information governance plan.

IDOL works at the core of Micro Focus’ ControlPoint to index all information, making it visible, transparent, and available to be analysed, actioned, controlled, and governed. Information sources such as file shares, SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange are indexed through the IDOL connector framework. IDOL forms a conceptual and contextual understanding of the content, giving you the ability to index and analyse information from over 1,000 different content formats. Through IDOL’s connector framework, Micro Focus’ ControlPoint can access and analyse data from a range of sources, including the standard connects for file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Micro Focus’ Content Manager. This is achieved through the following:

Identifying, connecting, and controlling data across enterprise systems

  • Connect to repositories across your enterprise to analyse and control the content
  • Classify, categorise and apply policies for its management

Get more from your data and reduce footprint, risk, and cost

  • Provides the ability to manage the data you didn’t know you had
  • Allows clean-up of data that has become redundant or obsolete
  • Allows you to reduce costs associated with e-discovery and litigation
  • Gain an understanding of your legacy data and know what to do with it rather than just transferring it to another system

Ensure information governance and control across enterprise systems

  • Standard policies applied from central policy engine means the data is managed through a central information console
  • Seamless integration with Micro Focus’ Content Manager for classification and disposal/retention of information

Increase efficiency and elevate productivity through automation

  • You can train Micro Focus’ ControlPoint to categorise information based on existing records in your repositories which means automatic application of policy
  • Manage records in place such as placing holds, moving, deleting or simply declaring as a record

Micro Focus’ Intelligent Universal Search: providing powerful search experiences

Micro Focus’ Universal Search provides a web based interface to enable organisations to search data across the entire organisation and produce results that are conceptually and contextually relevant. Built on IDOL platform, the search solution delivers unparalleled user experiences in the most advanced and robust search platform available.

Compliance Statement

Micro Focus’ Content Manager is built in accordance with the international standard for records management, ISO 15489 and elements of ISO16175: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments. The product complies with US Department of Defence Security Standard DoD 5015.2 Chapters 2, 3, 4 and complies with and supports other major standards. The Micro Focus’ Content Manager Web Client complies with US 508 Accessibility Guidelines and is verified to US DoD 5015.2 V3.

Further Information

Our process for the provision of these solutions involves a range of tasks that challenge your business norms and engage your staff. Processes can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. In addition to the solutions outlined above, FYB provides bespoke solutions to meet the information governance needs of businesses and government organisations. For further information on how FYB can provide solutions to meet your business objectives, please contact us.