Link Generator

Enables users to quickly generate a URL link or Hyperlink that can be used to view or download documents stored in Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

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Generate a Download Link:

This allows you to create a link to download (view) the electronic document stored within Micro Focus’ Content Manager. You can place this link within a document that supports HTML or within an Internal Website such as your intranet.

Generate a Download Link for the Latest Finalised Version:

A new feature that works the same as the standard download link however when users click on this link it will download the latest finalised version. The means that if subsequent versions are created and finalised in Micro Focus’ Content Manager you don’t have to update the link.

Generate a PDF Download Link:

Similar the electronic download, this functionality generates a link to the PDF rendition of the document stored in Micro Focus’ Content Manager if available.

Generate a WebClient Launch Link:

This allows you to create a link to launch the associated Micro Focus’ Content Manager Record within the Web Client. The Web Client interface will be opened and you will be taken to the document that the link was created for.

Generate a Desktop Launch Link:

This link will launch the Micro Focus’ Content Manager client associated with the .tr5 reference file. It’s the equivalent of clicking on a tr5 but from a simple link.

  • No expertise is required from your End Users making the process quick and easy to generate links.

  • Users are not required to update links when a new revision (edit) is made in Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

  • Links maintain Micro Focus’ Content Manager security meaning no extra work is require to secure the links.

  • Micro Focus’ Content Manager 9.x or Records Manager 8.x.
  • Micro Focus’ Content Manager WebDrawer.
  • For Web Client Classic link, Micro Focus’ Content Manager Web Client Classic.
  • Supports a 32bit Micro Focus’ Content Manager client environment or a 64bit Micro Focus’ Content Manager client environment.
  • No client deployment required.
  • This Tool is provided free to FYB Platinum and Gold Members
  • Ongoing maintenance for this Tool is provided free to FYB Platinum and Gold Members
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you decide not to renew your FYB Membership, it will mean that this Tool will cease working on the expiry date of your membership. This Tool will no longer be available to be used, accessed or re-enabled without a current FYB Membership.