Procedure Development and Review

We document or review your processes, procedures and business rules for the capture, control, storage, access and disposal of records to ensure that recordkeeping and information governance activities are consistent and support training activities.  Procedural development includes the documentation of digitisation plans and procedures. To complement the procedures we develop work instructions that provide specific detail in the operation of your information and record systems. Our approach recognises the need to balance efficiency, compliance and the need for processes that protect, manage and leverage your information.

Policy Development and Review

We develop or review your information, records, archiving and disposal policies to ensure compliance with relevant standards and legislation and to set the recordkeeping direction of your organisation.  We ensure that your policies and systems align with your information security policy requirements in accordance with the Australian Government Information Security Manual and individual state requirements. Our approach to policy development recognises that adoption is paramount to success.  We work with your team to ensure they understand the necessity, own the outcome and adopt the required practices that ensure good governance.

Further Information

Our process for the provision of these solutions involves a range of tasks that challenge your business practices and engage your staff.  Processes can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. In addition to the solutions outlined above, FYB provides bespoke solutions to meet the information governance needs of businesses and government organisations. For further information on how FYB can provide solutions to meet your business objectives, please contact us.

“I would like to thank the FYB team members involved in the Commission’s project. In particular the good work undertaken in completing the transfer of our data from more than one location. Everyone’s help was very much appreciated.”