Take the hard work out of record digitising with EzeScan

EzeScan is a document scanning suite that integrates with Micro Focus’ Content Manager and other line of business systems. It provides you with the ability to automate your scanning requirements by processing and uploading documents directly to these systems. EzeScan can be configured in a number of different ways to meet your varying requirements, including batch, invoice and form recognition scanning. The decision to digitise your Records is not one to be taken lightly, however there are many benefits, including:

  • Reduction in physical storage costs
  • Efficiencies in the circulation of information throughout the organisation
  • The ability to respond quickly to customers and other stakeholders

Simplified back scanning solutions

Take the hard work out of scanning and indexing your massive backlog of stored documents. Let EzeScan drive your production document scanner and use batch scanning technology to output high quality images. Automate where possible the indexing process using BCR and OCR technologies so you can continue scanning the next batch of documents.

Invoice processing automation

Say goodbye to data entry and use EzeScan to capture supplier invoice data automatically. Use EzeScan to review and correct any exceptions, validate data using database look ups and export output to customizable data files, or upload to your finance system or Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

Application and survey forms data extraction

Automate the processing of application and survey forms using EzeScan forms data capture technology. Output data in a range of file formats or upload into many common databases including Micro Focus’ Content Manager. Use EzeScan’s simple interface as an out of the box solution to define templates, data extraction zones and apply workflow rules.

Mailroom and correspondence automation

EzeScan provides the fastest and most cost effective method to scan and index unstructured documents like your incoming mail. Configure your indexing profiles for different document types or document workflows. Documents and data can be output to Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

Highly integrated imaging solutions

EzeScan provides out of the box integration with Micro Focus’ Content Manager. Scanned and imported documents can be indexed using EzeScan’s unique power indexing interface. Browse Micro Focus’ Content Manager to select or validate metadata, capture data on the fly, upload your documents, populate metadata and trigger automated document workflows all in one simple process. ezescan

Further Information

Our process for the provision of these solutions involves a range of tasks that challenge your business norms and engage your staff. Processes can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. In addition to the solutions outlined above, FYB provides bespoke solutions to meet the information governance needs of businesses and government organisations. For further information on how FYB can provide solutions to meet your business objectives, please contact us.