Soft Deleter - Request to Delete Records

A simple but effective Tool that enables users to request the removal of a record from Micro Focus’ Content Manager.

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The Soft Deleter hides the record from the users view immediately, thereby giving the appearance that the record has been deleted, whilst flagging the item for review by an Administrator.

  • End Users have a feeling of control of their information increasing uptake of system usage.

  • The process reduces phone calls and email requests for deletion saving administrative time.

  • Soft Deleted records can be easily restored by Administrators ensuring no loss of important business information.

  • Micro Focus’ Content Manager 9.x or Records Manager 8.x.
  • Users must have the modify records security permission in Micro Focus’ Content Manager.
  • Supports a 32bit Micro Focus’ Content Manager client environment or a 64bit Micro Focus’ Content Manager client environment.
  • No client deployment required.
  • This Tool is provided free to FYB Platinum and Gold Members.
  • Ongoing maintenance for this Tool is provided free to FYB Platinum and Gold Members.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you decide not to renew your FYB Membership, it will mean that this Tool will cease working on the expiry date of your membership. This Tool will no longer be available to be used, accessed or re-enabled without a current FYB Membership.