Ungerboeck2CM enables organisations to capture event information including accounts, contacts and electronic documentation into Micro Focus’ Content Manager from Ungerboeck.

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  • Organisations who have already invested in both systems can utilise the power of both Ungerboeck and Micro Focus’ Content Manager together.
  • Captures Event and associated Account, Contact and Document Information automatically into Micro Focus’ Content Manager.
  • Changes made in Ungerboeck such as new document versions are also pushed to Micro Focus’ Content Manager.
  • As the associated data is also captured your account and contact information is maintained.
  • The automation is a big time saver as during the lifecycle of the event there is no manual work needed to move the Event nor it’s associated metadata into Micro Focus’ Content Manager.
  • As information can be retrieved from either system users are comfortable and their productivity is increased.
  • Due to the integration with Micro Focus’ Content Manager the ability to leverage off the disposal and retention functionality increases your compliance.