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Document Scanning and Digitisation

Our document scanning and digitisation solution enables organisations to seamlessly and efficiently capture and process scanned documents and email in line with business processes and regulatory compliance.


Our solution will provide you with significant cost savings by:

• accelerating document delivery and minimising manual handling

• capturing critical information on the fly

• reducing data entry

• initiating intelligent automated procedures based on the information being processed


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Document Scanning and Digitisation


Our eDiscovery solution provides organisations with a visual interface and robust analytics that enables you to quickly locate electronic information in response to freedom of information or right to information requests, complaints, investigations or law suits.


Our solution will:

• significantly reduce the cost involved with the manual collection, review and sharing of information

• make the discovery process faster and more effective

• increase the accuracy of findings

• support information and recordkeeping compliance requirements


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eForms and Workflow

Our eForms and workflow solution provides organisations with a mobile-ready business process solution that digitises paper-based processes, captures data more effectively and automates document generation.


Our solution doesn’t just replicate paper forms and manual processes; it optimises entire business processes to make them faster, smarter and more efficient.


Our solution will:

• provide your customers with a positive and efficient experience, resulting in significant resourcing and cost savings

• seamlessly embed processes within user guided experiences, ensuring you are meeting service levels and customer expectations

• automate manual and labour-intensive tasks, resulting in more consistent and accurate outcomes that better support the business and your customers

• extend your investment in existing applications, reducing costs through improved process efficiency

• eliminate compliance deviations and non-compliance risks with improved regulatory compliance


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eForms and Workflow

Email Management

Our email management solution for Microsoft Outlook improves user productivity, allowing your staff to cope with the volume and velocity of emails they are receiving.  The solution helps users improve the quality and consistency of their communication with internal and external stakeholders as well ensuring they are meeting compliance requirements with seamless integration to your records and document management systems.


Our solution will:

• improve the productivity and quality of work of your staff, saving operational costs

• improve the consistency and speed of responding to customer enquiries, enabling you to meet and exceed customer expectations

• enable you to meet recordkeeping requirements, reducing compliance risks


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File Analysis and Management

Our file analysis and management solution enables you to identify, access, connect, clean up, and control data across enterprise systems. This will help your organisation achieve information compliance by making it possible to not only access information, but also understand, classify, and reduce outdated and unnecessary legacy dark data content.


Our solution will:


• effectively and efficiently clean up duplicate and legacy data from unmanaged email repositories, file shares, Content Manager and SharePoint sites, saving significant storage costs and gain better access to valuable information

• automate records declaration, minimising the cost and risk associated with not managing records for long-term governance

• intelligently migrate targeted data to your recordkeeping system for improved security, compliance requirements, ease of user access and lower overall storage costs


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Information, Document and Records Management and Security

Our information, document and records management solution is designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organisations manage their business content from creation to disposal.  Regardless of how you create and collaborate on your content, our solution gives you the ability to leverage accurate, contextual and complete information throughout its lifecycle.  Managing your content in this way helps you significantly improve services to your customers, make informed decisions and provide insight to future strategies.


Our solution will:


• improve the efficiency of staff and systems, by automating classification, folder creation, policy application and advanced disposal processing, thereby reducing errors and manual tasks

• provide an on premise or cloud solution that enables compliant management of critical content and records, and provides collaboration, mobility and agility for your workforce

• improve privacy for managed content through extensive security and access controls

• simplifying the defensible disposal (according to policy) of content that has expired or has no residual value, thereby reducing risk


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Information, Document and Records Management and Security

Quality Management Systems

Our Quality Management System supports the drafting, approval, review and publication process of your organisational policies, procedures and work instructions, enabling you to automate the publishing of documents to your website immediately on approval.


Our solution will:


• track the development of core documentation from drafting through to approval

• ensure staff or the public only ever see the latest approved version, reducing the risk of referring to out-dated or incorrect policies or procedures

• schedule annual reviews of documentation, proactively keeping them up to date


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Quality Management Systems