System Connectors


The FYB CM2Unity connector enables Councils to display documents from Micro Focus’ Content Manager to Unity.


Unity is a flexible platform provided by the Local Government Association of South Australia, that provides Councils with a hosted website system within a private cloud environment.


Using the FYB CM2Unity will provide the following benefits:

• Automates and streamlines the process for sharing read only information from Content Manager to Unity, reducing duplication of information stored in multiple places, resulting in storage cost savings

• Ability to control and delegate permissions for publishing, ensures your organisation is maintaining governance over its information

• Maintains security settings from Content Manager, ensuring information is only viewed by an audience authorised to, thereby meeting security classification and access requirements, and reducing the risk of in appropriate access to sensitive information

• Ensures the community are always presented with the latest version of documents via your website, thereby mitigating risks associated with accessing and using outdated information


Discover what the CM2Unity Connector can do for your Council.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.