The FYB DocUCheck add-in for Micro Focus Content Manager provides users with a proactive notification and reminder service to advise that documents are currently checked-out and may be suitable for being checked-in.


Taking advantage of the FYB DocUCheck functionality for your users will provide the following benefits:

• Ensures users are regularly checking-in revisions of documents, reducing the risk of losing valuable document revisions / edits

• Provides a user-friendly check-in window, making it easier for users to immediately check-in new document revisions

• Ensures users are proactively notified of checked-out documents, reducing the number of documents inadvertently left checked-out and unavailable for other users to view the latest revision and edit

• Provides Content Manager systems administrators with an easy to use administration console to manage the frequency and timing of checked-out document email notifications to users


Discover how the FYB DocUCheck can ensure documents are being checked-in to your Content Manager.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.


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