FYB's Content Manager SaaS

FYB’s Content Manager as a Solution (SaaS) delivers you with a fully managed solution within your own private cloud, whether that be with a Microsoft Azure environment, an Amazon AWS Environment, Government Cloud platform or a hybrid model.


FYB’s Content Manager SaaS provides your organisation with:

• The ability to choose who your solution is hosted with, therefore supporting legislative requirements for information storage and security

• Flexibility to choose when hotfixes, patches and upgrades are deployed, ensuring no disruption to your users and the ability to keep pace with your other technologies

• Highest security for your information and records as you are not compromised by having to share a multitenancy instance

• The ability to retain integrations with your core business systems, ensuring continuity in accessing your solutions

• Reduced costs, as you no longer need to build and maintain infrastructure

• Pay per user per month, ensuring you are only paying for what you use

• Reliable, on demand access on any device, supporting your mobile workforce


See how FYB's Content Manager as a Service (SaaS) is the solution for your organisation, contact us today to organise pricing.