System Add-Ins

The FYB Infiniti Project Migrator provides systems administrators and form developers with an intuitive interface to enable them to migrate projects between different Intelledox Infiniti sites quickly and easily.


Using the FYB Infiniti Project Migrator will provide the following benefits:

• Intuitive interface, requiring no training reducing the cost of deployment

• Automated migration of Infiniti forms from one site to another, enabling the quick transition of forms from development to production

• Ability to select single or multiple Infiniti projects to migrate, providing systems administrators and form developers with total control

• Ability to undertake a site wide migration of Infiniti projects, further streamlining the migration process


See how the Infiniti Project Migrator can simplify the migration process for your Systems Administrators and Form Developers.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.

Demonstration Video Coming Soon

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