The FYB InfoSecurity Guard assists organisations to confidently share information via Microsoft Outlook email from Micro Focus’ Content Manager whilst complying with government standards and regulations.


Using the FYB InfoSecurity Guard will provide the following benefits:

• Mitigates risk associated with inadvertent disclosure of information, ensuring your users are active participants in security, guiding them through the process of transmitting documents in accordance with information security policies

• Clearly identifies sensitive information by applying security labels and visual markings on emails when transmitting documents via Microsoft Outlook email, encouraging proper handling of information and to prevent disclosure to unintended recipients

• Checks the document attachments to ensure they contain appropriate security markings, thereby safeguarding documents from being transmitted without the correct security labels


See how the FYB InfoSecurity Guard can assist your organisation to comply within information security requirements. Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.


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