oMail is a cloud based intelligent automated inbound mail and email processing solution.  It automatically detects the type of incoming item from its contents, applies the appropriate workflow based on your organisations business rules and extracts metadata from the contents for upload to your desired location.


Using oMail will provide the following benefits:


• save time and money by using automated processes that reduce the need for manual handling and processing of incoming mail

• increase consistency with processing and storing information, enabling quicker retrieval and reuse of information

• ability to reuse data across systems to help automated processes and workflow, resulting in better quality data and reduced administration

• integrates with your document and records management system, enabling you to meet your legislative requirements and reduce risk


FYB partners with eCloud to deliver a comprehensive solution utilising the oMail software.


See how oMail can simplify and automate your incoming mail processing requirements.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and pricing.


Demonstration Video Coming Soon