System Connectors


The FYB oMail2CM connector enables any piece of mail (physical or electronic) that has been processed through the oMail solution to be automatically imported into Micro Focus’ Content Manager, an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS).


Using the FYB oMail2CM Connector will provide the following benefits:

• Leverages the investment you have made in oMail to provide a complete automated incoming mail process

• Incoming mail is uploaded seamlessly into your EDRMS

• Ensures business rules are applied as part of the process

• Security and permissions are maintained as oMail uses your EDRMS’ permissions


What is oMail?

• oMail is an advanced automated inbound mail processing service.  It enables organisations to save valuable time and money by using automated detection of incoming document types to identify the data that is required from the documents (for example: to use as metadata for the organisation’s document management system) and then adds workflows and actions required to process the individual document types.

• oMail processes incoming paper and email, and includes handling and detaching email attachments — all done automatically.


See how seamlessly oMail and the oMail2CM connector can process your incoming mail, saving you time and money. Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.