Online Learning

We develop customised online learning modules that can include customisation of our Key Skills in 2 Minutes online learning series. Alternatively, our Key Skills in 2 Minutes Online Learning modules are available for annual subscription and are accessible from our Online Learning Library.


• Increase employee engagement as training can be undertaken anywhere at anytime

• Streamline employee onboarding processes

• Decrease training costs as employees can re-learn key processes and procedures at anytime


The online modules focus on core skills which can either support new users, or act as a quick reference guide or refresher for all users.


Investing in Online Learning Modules will provide the following benefits:

• Business Processes

• Content Manager

• Compliance-based risk mitigation and safety

• EzeScan

• Infiniti

• inMailX

• and more


Online Learning Modules can be developed to support the following:

Online Learning

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Online Learning