System Connectors

The FYB Pathway2CM connector enables organisations to seamlessly capture electronic documents, folders and contact information into Micro Focus Content Manager from Infor Pathway.


Using the FYB Pathway2CM will provide the following benefits:
What is Infor Pathway?

• Real-time automated transfer of metadata and document(s) to Content Manager, eliminating manual batch updating processes and reducing operational costs

• Streamlined records lifecycle processes leveraging the governance, compliance and disposal functionality of Content Manager, reducing risks associated with non-compliance with government and industry requirements

• Reduces the duplication of information stored in multiple places, increasing data integrity and providing efficiencies to users for the retrieval of information


Infor Pathway provides capabilities specifically for local councils in Australia and New Zealand to improve the efficiency of business processes, including people management, land and property management, revenue and regulatory management.


See how seamlessly the FYB Pathway2CM connector can integrate Infor Pathway and Content Manager. Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.