Retention and Disposal Schedules

A records Retention and Disposal Schedule protects the interests of the organisation and its stakeholders by ensuring that its records meet operational needs, comply with legal requirements and are retained or disposed of securely. Destroying or discarding records too soon poses legal issues, but keeping records too long wastes space and time, potentially increases risk, costs money and can make retrieval more difficult.


Our consultants conduct a full business requirements analysis, undertake legislative research and consultation across your organisation to ensure the Retention and Disposal Schedule meets your unique legislative and business needs.  We work with state and / or federal records and archiving offices to ensure your schedule is developed in accordance with their requirements.


A retention and disposal schedule / authority will:

• Provide significant cost savings by reducing electronic and physical storage requirements.

• Demonstrate your compliance with recordkeeping compliance requirements, assisting to mitigate risk

• Protect your organisation from liability, further mitigating risk


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Retention and Disposal Schedules
Retention and Disposal Schedules