Information Governance is an approach to managing information assets across an organisation to support its business outcomes.  It involves having frameworks, policies, processes, standards, roles, controls and systems in place to meet regulatory, legal, risk and operational requirements.


Working from industry standards, information governance if planned can be easily achieved.  We formulate a strategic plan that covers your specific information, document and recordkeeping, polices, compliance and accountability.

Our experienced consultants work across a range of industries to develop information governance strategies that deliver innovative, practical and effective approaches to managing information within your regulatory environment.


Our strategies will:

• Assess the performance of information management and recordkeeping processes and systems

• Assess archiving and disposal processes and systems

• Identify compliance and information risk

• Provide a gap analysis against AS ISO 15489

• Define information governance frameworks including effort, time and cost for implementation of recommendations


An Information Governance Strategy will enable you to:

• Realise the value in your organisations information assets to support better access to information and the use and innovative re-use of information

• Meet your regulatory requirements for information management and recordkeeping, mitigating risk, providing digital preservation, manage privacy protection and fraud

• Ensure your systems and processes work effectively to support staff, reducing duplication of effort and streamlining processes through automation


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