inMailX is an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook, which provides the functionality and tools users need to effectively manage their emails and attachments.  inMailX integrates seamlessly with document and records management systems, cloud and network folder structures, supporting users to manage and action emails.


Using inMailX will provide the following benefits:

• improves the productivity and quality of work of your staff, by simplifying most common tasks into simple one-click actions

• improves the consistency and speed of responding to customer enquiries through automated email content, enabling you to meet and exceed customer expectations

• enables you to meet recordkeeping compliance requirements through the automated capture of emails on send into your recordkeeping system reducing risk


FYB partners with Digitus to deliver a comprehensive solution utilising the inMailX software.


See how inMailX enhances existing Outlook functionality for your users.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and pricing.


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