Business Classification Schemes

A Business Classification Scheme provides organisations with a consistent approach for filing information and records that facilitate their retrieval, maintenance and disposal. A Business Classification Scheme defines a series of hierarchical terms based on the core business functions and activities of your organisation.  Information can then be classified and filed according to the function and activity to which they relate.


Our consultants work with stakeholders from across your organisation to develop or review your Business Classification Scheme, based on your understanding of your organisations information and in line with best practices that complies with the Australian and International Standard for Records Management (AS ISO 15489).


A Business Classification Scheme will:

• Increase information sharing across teams, promoting collaboration and consistency with information and records management

• Provide more effective search and retrieval of information, saving staff time and effort

• Provide evidence of business activity, mitigating risk

• Ensure records are not destroyed before they should, nor kept any longer than they need to be, enabling your organisation to meet recordkeeping compliance requirements and mitigate risk


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Business Classification Schemes
Business Classification Schemes