What is FYB FREE?

FYB FREE is a Next Generation Information Governance conference that brings solutions to your fingertips, assisting your organisation to grow, develop and harness your information. Delegates, members, sponsors, guest speakers and the FYB team come together to learn and connect.


Be a part of the experience and gain further knowledge into the information governance and records management industry that is constantly growing with innovative ideas. Walk away feeling inspired, empowered and ready to implement new solutions within your organisation or update current processes to ensure you are meeting best practice standards.


Remember this is a free event, therefore early registrations are recommended so you do not miss out on a place at the event.

Upcoming Industry Events

We're proud to support and sponsor the following local government conferences & events.


8-11 October 2019

Providing industry professionals with an unparalleled forum for disseminating and exchanging cutting-edge ideas and knowledge. Each year, hundreds of delegates take advantage of the three-day convention to develop and broaden their industry knowledge and receive professional support in line with RIMPA’s strategic objectives.

You may remember FYB as the "sporty booth" last year, to see what's happening this year you'll have to stop by!

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Past Industry Events


2 May 2019

LGITSA provide a forum to facilitate the exchange of information and enable collaboration to aid best practice solutions, operations and negotiations within the local government ICT industry. As a group, we support the development of our information technology and information management professionals and better place ourselves to efficiently and effectively assist our organisations in succeeding to meet the needs of our communities now and into the future.

RIMPA SA Branch Seminar

29 May 2019

RIMPA will be hosting their SA Branch Seminar at Hilton Hotel, Victoria Square on Wednesday 29 May with the theme Digital Distruption.

Join our CEO Daniel Dawson, as he discusses Microsoft Teams and how FYB can help provide a seamless collaboration and communication solution to your users with the recordkeeping compliance requirements taken care of in the background.

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Micro focus realize

28 & 30 May 2019

Organizations are unleashing the power of IT to supercharge innovation. Think Uber. Think Amazon. Think speed up or become obsolete. But as you strive to respond to the demands of digitally empowered customers, you also need to keep your business running smoothly.

As proud silver sponsors for both Melbourne and Sydney, come and see the FYB team in the trade hall.

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