The FYB 365|2CM App automatically transfers information from SharePoint and Microsoft Teams into Micro Focus Content Manager.


Using the FYB 365|2CM App will provide the following benefits:

• Allows users to choose which platform they work from, being SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Content Manager

• Streamlines the storage of information created in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, reducing duplication and versioning issues

• Eliminate siloed repositories of unmanaged information

• Ensures you are capturing and managing records in accordance with recordkeeping and other compliance requirements, mitigating risk

• Provides a central repository for the management of records, thereby making the discovery process faster and more effective

• Ensures that information being created in repositories such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams is then able to add value to the business


See how easy it is to automate the transfer of information from Microsoft 365 to Micro Focus Content Manager achieving seamless records compliance. Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.

Case Study Coming Soon

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Teams2CM Archive