System Add-Ins

Link Generator

The FYB Link Generator is a simple but effective add-in that enables users to generate a link to view, download and edit documents stored in Micro Focus’ Content Manager


Using the FYB Link Generator will provide the following benefits:

• Intuitive interface, requiring no training, reducing the cost of deployment

• Streamlines the process for sharing information from Content Manager, reducing duplication of information being stored in multiple places

• Maintains security settings from Content Manager, ensuring information is only accessed by an audience authorised to, thereby meeting security classification and access requirements, and reducing the risk of inappropriate access to sensitive information

• Links for the latest finalised version are automatically updated, ensuring the audience are viewing up to date information, reducing the risk of accessing outdated information


See how easy it is to use the Link Generator for sharing information from Content Manager.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.


Link Generator