System Add-Ins

Soft Deleter

The FYB Soft Deleter is a simple but effective add-in that enables users to request the removal of a record from Micro Focus’ Content Manager.


The Soft Deleter hides the record from the user’s view immediately, thereby giving the appearance that the record has been deleted, whilst flagging the item for review by a Systems Administrator ensuring business rules and recordkeeping requirements are maintained.


Using the FYB Soft Deleter will provide the following benefits:

• Intuitive interface, requiring no training, reducing the cost of deployment

• Streamlines the process for requesting deletions from Content Manager, reducing systems administrative overheads

• Enables your organisation to meet its legislative recordkeeping compliance requirements whilst providing users with a sense of control over the information, increasing uptake and usage of the system

• Soft deleted records can be easily restored by Administrators ensuring no loss of important business information


See how simple and effective the Soft Deleter is for your users.  Contact us today to organise a demonstration and subscription pricing.

Soft Deleter